Meet Dr. Bowers

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Bowers. This is her first year at Defiance College, she started as the Assistant Professor of English in the fall of 2023. She also assumed the position of the advisor of The Defender. She is originally from Defiance. It has been a dream of hers to work at a small liberal arts college, which is why she decided to accept the position here at DC. Prior to working at Defiance College, she worked at Kent State as the Associate Professor of English. Dr. Bowers is most excited about working with the students. She stated that “the students are enthusiastic and are involved in many things on campus.” 

Dr. Bowers got both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English at Bowling Green State University. Then she went on with her education and got her PhD in English from Texas A&M University. Her favorite class to teach at Defiance College is American Literature, but her favorite area to teach in is Literature Theory and Criticism. 

Dr. Bowers mentioned during the interview that her mother and grandfather made the most impact on her growing up. Her mother was a single mother that raised both her and her brother. Dr. Bowers stated that her mother “showed her women can be on their own and can do anything.” She also stated that her grandfather is “the best person she has even known and he is a survivor.” Some best pieces of advice that Dr. Bowers has received is “It costs nothing to be kind” and “The universe gives us answers to questions we don’t know we asked.”

Dr. Bowers favorite superhero is the winter soldier and her favorite season is autumn. When Dr. Bowers was asked the question on her favorite place she has been on vacation, she stated “anyplace I go with my best friend. My best friend lives in Houston and it is always a good time when we are together.” Something cool that Dr. Bowers did over the summer was she moved to Defiance and bought a house. She was very proud to state that she helped build her fence in her backyard by hand and also built a deck. Dr. Bowers was also eager to state that Styx and Oxbow, her two dogs, are the two most important things to her. 

Dr. Bowers office can be located in Shauffler 122.

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