Defiance College Campus Community Clubs

By: Mallory Timbrook

We all know DC has a very sports-centric community of students, but only some of our students participate in sports. Regarding clubs, DC has very few that don’t revolve around competitive athletics. I think that needs to change. Defiance College has an immensely diverse combination of students. Why shouldn’t we have diverse clubs so every student can belong somewhere?

Students attend college to pursue higher education, but in the four years they are learning about their future careers, they are also learning about themselves. No one knows who they are at eighteen, but college is the perfect environment to discover more about yourself. With the diverse population at DC, students learn more about themselves but don’t always have clubs to intermingle with like-minded peers. The best way for students to find others with similar interests is through clubs.

Students could find clubs that appeal to their interests and then share their interests with others who understand. Larger colleges and universities in Ohio offer a multitude of clubs and groups for students to try new things and pursue their passions with their peers. Why shouldn’t DC have the same opportunities? Within the last month, I have heard students talking about what kind of clubs they would like. Some of the responses were walking club, hiking club, Harry Potter book club, romance book club, and so many more. Why should the students who aren’t athletic be excluded from the family-like atmosphere that comes with being a member of a team?   

A campus involvement fair (think of that one scene in Pitch Perfect) would be a great way for DC to appeal to a diverse multitude of students. Students could walk around learning about our school’s different clubs and groups. Let students find themselves and their passions by providing ways for them to explore their interests with like-minded students safely.

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