Meet Dr. Bare

By Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Bare. He is the Assistant Professor of History and has been at Defiance College for four years. His favorite part about working at DC is the students. He stated “I  love working with the students we have at DC. It is the reason I come to work everyday.” Prior to working at Defiance College, Dr. Bare worked at the University of Toledo. After obtaining his PhD at the University of Toledo, he worked there as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the History Department. 

Dr. Bare struggled with deciding what his favorite class to teach was. He decided on two courses as his favorite. The two classes that he enjoys teaching are HIST 250: The Emergence of Total War and HIST 295: Memory, Monuments & US History. He mentioned that he really likes these two courses because they “both deal with [his] research interests and teaching expertise.” Dr. Bare has four degrees. He has a Bachelor of Art in History from the University of South Florida, an Master of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University, Masters in Heritage Preservation from Georgia State University and a PhD from the University of Toledo. Dr. Bare actually taught elementary school for four years. 

One pet peeve of Dr. Bare’s is disorganization. He noted he is a neat freak. In the interview Dr. Bare stated “I have a highly organized and clean house. His favorite genre of music is 90s alt/grunge. If he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life, he would eat prime rib. Some of Dr. Bare’s hobbies include the gym, walking his dog, exploring historic cemeteries, and battlefield tourism. Dr. Bare has lived all over the country and really enjoys living in northwest Ohio. He also really likes Brussels in Belgium. Dr. Bare says that an interesting fact about himself that his students should know is that he is a huge college football gane. He loves the University of Miami. Go Canes!

Dr. Bare’s office is located in Dana 5.

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