There Really Are Benefits of Making Your Bed in the Morning.

By David Heidelburg

Would you have ever thought that something as small as making your bed, especially in the morning, could have benefits for you? I never would have thought that was a real thing. But when I found out that it is true, it actually does make sense. Now, I try to always make my bed in the morning before I get my day started because I like to sleep and be in a clean environment. There has also been research backing up the idea that making your bed has effects on your well being.

There are studies that show there are more people that make their bed than people that don’t make their bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation Bedroom poll, there are 70% of Americans who make their bed each morning. Even though there is very little scientific research about making your bed, there is evidence that does point out some of the mental health benefits which include a feeling of accomplishment, enhanced organization, etc. I wanted to point out those main two benefits for them because that’s how I feel when I make my bed in the morning.

Also, even though there isn’t much research when it comes to studying the effects of making your bed, there is a good amount of evidence that is said to support the comparison of living and working in an organized environment and having more focus. Being a psychology major, I find it quite interesting when I hear about topics involving psychology. I chose psychology because there are many topics that I can relate to for myself. Saying that, I find it very interesting that something that seems so little, like making up your bed. can actually lead to better mental functions!

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