Book Review: The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient, By Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Alex Michaelides leaves readers’ minds swimming. The book is mostly set in North London at the Grove, a psychiatric hospital. However, it has some slight flashbacks to the past and the home in which the patient lived before her time at the Grove. 

Alicia Berenson suffered a serious trauma when she murdered her husband in seemingly cold blood. She came home one night and shot him in the face five times and from then on she never utters another word. However, instead of throwing her in jail, the court decides her sentence could be served out at the Grove where she can seek out treatment away from the public eye. The Grove staff had pretty much given up hope on her ever speaking again, that is, until Theo Faber arrives and wants to work with Alicia. He gets right to work trying to understand her and trying to get to the bottom of why she shot her husband. Theo might have his own intentions outside of helping Alicia though. 

This book literally left me shaking. It is another book that is so twisted that it makes you wonder how someone could come up with it. This book is such a good read, while there were a couple parts that were slow it was packed full of information that fit into other sections of the book. There are so many clues hidden throughout that book that don’t make sense until the last couple chapters. 

Overall, I gave this book a 5/5. There was no way I could predict the ending, even with all the clues hidden throughout the book. 

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