DC Men’s Sports Recap 10/9-10/16

By Caia Bevins

Last Wednesday, Men’s soccer played Anderson in their pink-out game. In the first half, Anderson scored twice. The Jackets went into the second half scoreless but were able to stop any more goals made by the other team. Towards the end of the game, #11 Riley Hensley scored, making the score 2-1. Though they battled hard, they weren’t able to score again and the game ended with a score of 2-1. #11 Riley Hensley led the team with 8 shots and #3 Quinn Holtzapple and #24 Joshua Maurer each recorded two. DC ended the game with seventeen shots, six shots on goal, and four saves.

Men’s soccer played again on Saturday against Anderson and it was a challenging game for both teams. #11 Riley Hensley made his attempt at scoring in the third minute of the game and they kept that momentum going throughout the first half, but were unable to score. Both teams started the second half scoreless and while both teams recorded nine shots, neither were able to score at all in the second half, leading to a scoreless draw. #11 Riley Hensley led the team with five shots and #24 Joshua Maurer and #35 Griffin Meyer recorded two each. The Jackets ended the match with fourteen shots, four shots on goal, and six saves made by #1 Orry Killam. The Jackets played yesterday at Bluffton and will play again on Saturday against Transylvania at 3:30 p.m.

Football played in the freezing rain on Saturday against Franklin for their pink out game. They scored their first touchdown of the game in the second quarter, going into the second half with a score of 21-6. They were scoreless for the third quarter, but came back to score twice in the forth and picked up the extra point, making the score 35-21. #9 Jordan Ambrose led the team in passing yards and #0 Tyshaun Freeman led with 235 rushing yards. DC ended the game with 42 total passing yards and 291 rushing yards with a total time of possession of 24:48. They will play again next week at Anderson at 1:30 p.m.
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