Meet Stacy Adams

By Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Stacy Adams. She is in charge of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Affinity Program and she is the Education Clinical Experiences Coordinator. She has been at Defiance College for 2 and a half years. Her favorite part about working at DC is the one on one services she can provide for students in the ASD program. She also made mention that she is very passionate about holding the camp for the young kids because she likes to provide services to the younger generation. Stacy decided to work at Defiance College because she was very interested in the job posting and applied. 

Stacy Adams graduated from Defiance College in 1996. She obtained her social work degree and previously held her License of Social Work. Prior to working at DC she worked in many different areas including: as a paraprofessional at Defiance City Schools, Defiance County Children Services, Four County Family Services, and Head Start in Defiance. 

Stacy’s favorite things to watch are true crime documentaries. Her favorite sport to watch is soccer. Some things that are on her bucket list are getting to go to Greece and eating at an IHOP.  The phone apps she thinks she uses the most are Spotify, Google Search, and Messages. She was confident in saying she is most proud of her two daughters. Her favorite color is “orange because it is a happy color.” Stacy made mention during the interview that she is introverted and she prefers smaller groups of people. Stacy loves to read, especially romance books. An interesting fact is that she will not read any romance book that has time travel in it. 

Stacy’s office is located in Defiance 119. 

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