Book Review: Dirt Creek

By Hanna Young

Dirt Creek, by Australian author Hayley Scivenor left me guessing until the very end. This book was set in a small, rural town in Australia called Dirt Creek. This is the kind of town where everyone seems to know everyone and that is the perfect scene for what is about to shock the town. Not only does everyone in Dirt Creek know each other, but everyone is hiding something. 

When little Esther Bianchi goes missing from the small town of Dirt Creek there are several different clues that need to fall in place to find out what happened to her. Her best friend Veronica or Ronnie for short is a little spitfire that is trying to do everything she can to help find out what happened to Esther even if it involves getting herself into trouble. Lewis knows something, but can’t tell anyone because it will divulge one of his own secrets. Constance is in a place where she doesn’t know what to believe because her only daughter is missing and the one person that is really close to her is being suspected of the disappearance. And lastly, Sarah the detective that is on the case has her own demons to fight off. Someone has to know what happened to Ester and there are so many secrets that need to be uncovered. 

This book has so many things that stick out as odd. Just as soon as you think that you have something figured out another secret is revealed and you are left picking up the pieces of the conclusions that you had drawn. There are a whirlwind of secrets and characters that are overlapping that make the ending unpredictable. The characters are lovable as well, which really adds to the book. 

Overall, I give this book a 5/5. There was no way that I saw the ending coming. Each page revealed something new and by the end I was reeling because of who was really behind the disappearance. 

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