What Holiday is your Favorite?

By: David Heidelburg

When it comes to the holidays, it can be a fun and exciting time. Family and friends come around and bring endless laughs, good times and memories. If I were to ask the question, ‘what is your favorite holiday?’, some may say Christmas, whether the reason is presents, snow, or movies. If I were to ask another person what their favorite holiday is, they might say Halloween, because of the candy or costumes. 

The choice and reasons for why we choose what type of holiday is our favorite are endless with different types of answers, as well as adding in some holidays that weren’t mentioned. On the other hand, if you were to ask me what my favorite holiday is, I will tell you all of them. The reason why I chose all of the holidays to be my favorite is simple. In my opinion, I believe that when it comes to the holidays, they all play a special part in my heart based on childhood memories from each holiday, whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween, they all play a big role in my heart.

For example, I love Halloween because it reminds me of the times when I was a kid and used to go trick or treating with my mom and sister. I also remember watching all of the classic movies that premiered during those times, like for example, Hocus Pocus. When it comes to Thanksgiving, I love it because I remember being around my family and going shopping with my mom and sister and we would tell her what we wanted for Christmas while she took pictures of us. And last but not least, Christmas, I love Christmas because of the memories of spending time with my family, decorating the house and setting up the Christmas tree while listening to music was one of my favorite memories.

Saying all that, we are all different and have our own likes about things especially when it comes to the holidays. Some like Christmas whereas others may prefer Halloween or Thanksgiving. Also we have our own reasonings of why we choose which one, but for me all holidays that I celebrate are fun filled with great memories.

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