Meet: Professor Salisbury

By: Jessica Reynolds

I would like to introduce you to Professor Salisbury. She is the Social Work Program Director and Assistant Professor of Social Work. She has been working at Defiance College for 10 years. Her favorite part about working at the college is “being able to watch students being successful.” She decided to work at DC because helping people has always been really important to her. She also stated that she works at the college because she is “able to reach more clients if she teaches younger professionals how to help others.” Prior to working at DC she worked in Columbus at the National Youth Advocate Program and she is currently working in a private practice here in Defiance as a therapist. Professor Salisbury attended Bluffton University for her Undergraduate Degree and got her License in Social Work (LSW). She then went on to The Ohio State University for her Master’s Degree and got her License Independent Social Worker (LISW). Professor Salisbury also has her Supervision, so she can supervise professionals that are trying to receive their hours for their own LISW. 

Something that really makes Professor Salisbury angry is when people are unkind to others. Her favorite holiday is Christmas. If she could choose to do anything for a day she would either “fly to Italy or attend a lot of concerts in one day.” When asked the question if she would rather win the lottery or work at the perfect job she said “win the lottery because she is already working at the perfect job.” Her favorite animal is dogs and she loves her own dogs, Titopop and Peekaboo Bumbkins Junior (PJ). Some other interesting facts about Professor Salisbury is she has a 3 year old daughter and is due to have another baby in March. She really loves concerts and Disney World. She used to be a Disney World travel agent and she knows how to play the piano.

Professor Salisbury’s office can be located in Shauffler 205. 

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