Meet Your Student Senate President, Will Garlock

By: Hannah Feldman

As you walk around campus, almost anywhere you are, you will probably see or hear the name “Willy-G.” Will Garlock has become more than just a student in his three years at Defiance College. He has pushed himself to try new things, be kind to everyone, and grow from his time at DC. Getting to know Will is not a hard thing to do as he is extremely open and friendly to all. 

Will is in his senior year and is majoring in history with a minor in sports management. He is extremely involved on campus, as he is the 2023 Homecoming King, a part of the DC Choir, Men’s Choir, President of Catholics on Campus, Vice President of SAAC, CAB, Student Ambassador, Phi-Alpha-Theta, service leader, McMaster Scholar, Student Assistant Coach for Men’s Basketball and Football, part of the Men’s Golf and Cross Country Teams, and Co-President of FCA. With him being involved in so much, Will becomes a familiar face to almost all. 

“My favorite thing about DC is how accepting everyone is. I came in as a transfer, and I could do everything I wanted. No one told me not to try something new. I was able to do anything that I wanted to try, and no one stopped me. Everyone at DC allows for people to push themselves, allow us to do new things, and grow as people,” says Will. After graduating, Will wants to coach basketball at any level and teach. 

Leaving DC will be hard for Will as he has found a home here. He said that he will miss the genuine relationships he has with everyone here. For Will to pick a favorite memory was hard for him, but he said, “Seeing my parents be so proud and come to all my events. Being homecoming king and seeing how excited my mom and dad were for me. Seeing my parents come to just watch me film and support me 100%.” Will said that leaving DC will not be easy, but he knows that Defiance College will always be home. Will leaves us with two pieces of advice: “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something,” and “Know why you are here, and find your why.” 

Will will always be a major part of Defiance College, and his shoes will be hard to fill. Getting to know Will has been so great, and his last few months as a DC student will be full of more laughs and memories. As you see Will around campus, make sure to say Hi, as his impact on everyone is large!

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