Book Review: One of Us is Dead

By Hanna Young

One of Us is Dead, by New York Times Best Selling author Jeneva Rose, was a twisting road of different perspectives that added up to one story that was bigger than everyone else. This book is set in Buckhead, where all the women carry designer bags and have mansions and rich husbands. 

Shannon began as the leader of the women in Buckhead at least until her husband divorced her and got together with another woman. That other woman is sweet southern bell, Crystal, who gets thrown into the world of Buckhead. Olivia is the new queen bee that has been trying to dethrone Shannon for years. Karen is the part of the group that tries to keep the peace, but when Olivia finds out her secret tensions rise. And Jenny is the owner of the most exclusive salon in Buckhead and as a hair stylist she knows almost everything about her clients, including some of their darkest secrets. Which of these friends is tough enough to survive this group and which one ends up dead.

This book started off very slow and I ended up having to put it down and come back and finish it later. It was definitely worth finishing though. I had not even an inkling that the book would end like that. I was so surprised and kinda confused by how fast the book changed at the end. Things just escalated really quickly in the last 100 pages.

Overall, I rate this book a 4/5. This is because of how unpredictable the ending was, but I also had to take a little off because I did get kind of bored in the middle of the book.

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