DC Men’s Sports Recap 11/5-11/12

By Caia Bevins

This week, we saw the end of one season and the beginning of another so let’s talk about it.

Men’s Basketball started off their season against Division 1 Cleveland State last Wednesday. They started off the game strong and stayed within ten points of the Vikings for the first several minutes but were soon overtaken by Cleveland, and they finished the first half with a score of 48-21. In the second half, the Jackets started off strong with two 3-pointers by #22 Landen Swanner, and #23 Evan Park scored two layups and a triple. The game ended with a score of 102-41. #23 Evan Park led with points scored, and #11 Clay McCorkle and #22 Landen Swanner led with two assists each. DC had a field goal percentage of 34%, had 22 rebounds, and 11 assists.

The Jackets kicked off the 48th annual Purple and Gold Tournament on Friday against Beloit and had a rough start, but were able to recover and went into the second half with a score of 44-32 in favor of Beloit. In the second half, the scores stayed fairly close until the end when the Buccaneers were able to pull away and create a 17-point lead, ending the game with a score of 81-64. #22 Landen Swanner led with points scored, #21 Cole Wojciechowski and #22 Landen Swanner tied with five rebounds each, and #0 Jacob Trevino and #23 Evan Park led with assists. Overall, the team ended with a field goal percentage of 48.1%, 35 rebounds, and 12 assists.

On the second day of the Purple and Gold Tournament, the Jackets played against Miami-Hamilton on Saturday. DC took an early lead in the game and were able to retain that lead throughout the first half, which ended with a score of 30-22. Going into the second half, the Jackets kept up their momentum and were able to best the Harriers in what ended up being a close game with a final score of 71-68. #33 Sherod Brooks led the team with points, #21 Cole Wojciechowski led in rebounds, and #22 Landen Swanner led with assists. Overall, DC ended with a field goal percentage of 44.2%, 30 rebounds, and 7 assists. At the end of the game, two players from each team were awarded all-tournament selections, and the two DC players honored were #22 Landen Swanner and #0 Jacob Trevino.

The Football team played their final game this season and their final game as a Division 3 NCAA team against Bluffton. The Beavers were the first to put points on the board with a touchdown in the first quarter, and they racked up three more touchdowns in the second. The Jackets scored their first touchdown in the second half after #23 Cooper Sloan caught a touchdown pass of 14 yards, and we went into the second half with a score of 21-7. If this team has proven anything over the last season, it is that they are a second-half team, and they proved it. We scored two touchdowns in the third quarter and another two in the fourth, while Bluffton scored only twice the entire second half. Despite a valiant effort, the Jackets were unable to pull off a win and lost 42-35. #9 Jordan Ambrose led in passing yards, and #0 Tyshaun Freeman led in rushing yards. Overall, the team ended with 243 passing yards, 203 rushing yards, and had a time of possession of 26:25.

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