DC Women’s Sports Recap 10/29-11/5

By Caia Bevins

It was a slow week for women’s sports as only volleyball played, so let’s discuss.

They played against Bluffton on Wednesday and went for four sets, with the scores being 18-25, 25-22, 18-25, and 8-25, respectively. In the first set, the Jackets started off strong and took the lead, but the Beavers responded quickly and took back the lead. They went back and forth, scoring points for the rest of the set, with Bluffton coming out on top with a 25-18 victory. The second set was very similar, with the Jackets taking an early lead. Again, the two rivals went back and forth with scoring points, but Defiance won this set with 25-22. The third set saw the Jackets start strong again, but they were unable to maintain their lead for long and lost that set, as well as the fourth. #2 Jamia Murray led with twelve kills, #21 Courtney Maxwell led with thirty-three assists, and #5 Emma Chafins led with fourteen digs. Overall, the team ended with fourty-six kills, fourty assists, and fifty digs.

Last Saturday was Senior Day for the Volleyball team, so let’s take a second to recognize these outstanding students. #4 Kayla Boettger is majoring in integrated social studies education and history from Archbold, Ohio. #11 Madison Schoenauer is majoring in business management. #13 Kairston Moorer is a social work major. #22 Katlin Barrett is majoring in forensic science and is also a member of the basketball team. Finally, #25 Hope Yost is a double major in psychology and business administration and was an orientation leader for Defiance College.

The Volleyball team played their final game this season against Mt. St. Joseph and played three sets with scores of 25-13, 25-17, and 23-17, respectively. The Lions took an early lead, but the Jackets responded quickly. The Lions retaliated and won the set 25-13. The second set went back and forth for the first several points, and the Lions slowly built their lead to win the set 25-17. In the final set, the Jackets and the Lions both played hard, and the score was close the entire set, and both teams struggled for the upper hand. In the end, the Lions scored the final point and won the match.

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