DC Women’s Sports Recap 11/5-11/12

By Caia Bevins

Women’s Basketball started up this week, so let’s get into it. 

Women’s basketball started off their season against Ohio Wesleyan at home and had a slow start. #25 Zadria King was the first to put points on the board for the Jackets, but the Bishops came back and scored 17 points to take a further lead. The Jackets were able to score a few more times, and they went into the second half with a score of 48-14. In the third quarter, Wesleyan continued to dominate, but they were able to rack up another 30 points over the last two quarters, and they finished the game with a score of 101-44. #3 Karrie Smith led with points, #34 Taylor Bates led in rebounds, and #11 Ali Mowen led in assists. Overall, the team ended with a field goal percentage of 26.7%, 25 rebounds, and nine assists.

Women’s basketball played again on Sunday at Heidelberg and started off the quarter strong with points made by #3 Karrie Smith, #30 Teagan Hunt, and #12 Addy Allen. In the second quarter, the Jackets lost a bit of their momentum, and they went into halftime with a score of 38-29. #4 Kaiya Albert was the first to score going onto the third quarter, and #25 Zadria King was the last, and they finished the quarter with a score of 56-45. DC scored another 20 points in the fourth quarter and finished the game with a score of 79-65. #4 Kaiya Albert led with points scored, #25 Zadria King and #34 Taylor Bates led with eight rebounds each, and #25 Zadria King led with four assists. Overall, the team had a field goal percentage of 36.8%, 35 rebounds, and eight assists.

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