Empty Bowls

Written by: AD Johnson


With COVID still being prevalent, the Defiance College Social Work department was unable to have their yearly Empty Bowls fundraiser in person so it will be virtually this year. Over the last 20 years, the event has raised thousands of dollars for the Defiance PATH center. 

According to their event page, https://fundraising.idonate.com/defiance/emptybowls21, The PATH center serves the surrounding six-county area. Monday through Friday a hot meal is available to those in need. Currently, the PATH center has even begun delivering meals to those who are not able to access take out. The PATH center has a kitchen budget of $1,500 annually and relies solely on donations after that. 

The PATH center is located in Defiance at 1939 E. Second Street. Their “program focuses on serving homeless persons, those with severe mental disabilities, or those who have food or nutritional needs – but all are welcome. A hot nutritious meal is served each weekday at noon. Weekend and holiday meals are served at 11:30 am”, according to the PATH centers website– https://unitedwaydefiance.galaxydigital.com/agency/detail/?agency_id=27661 

There is also a list of other needs of the PATH center if anyone would rather donate in that way.   

“Empty Bowls is…organized by the Social Work Organization, specifically the junior class, as a way of connecting to the greater community”. Below are each if the student’s specific fundraiser page. Click on any to donate.  

Nysha Speed  


Allie Hazen  


Michaela Gilliam  


Seth Mangus 


Mandie Heil  


Fallon Radcliffe 


Maddie Brown  


Kalin Hubble  


Samantha Haas  


Tess Salisbury 


Mary-Michael Jackson 


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