Good News in the Now

Written by: Emily Vargo

These last two years have been particularly hard for everyone, and lately, the last couple of months, the news has been nothing but the “bearer of bad news.” We all need a little something to make us smile in tough times of darkness.

Today we are going to talk about four good stories that happened this week. All accounts were found on where you can find many more good news stories that are updated every day.

The first one occurred on September 20, 2021. A Chinese city built a food court for migrating elephants. The food court spans the size of 670,000 square meters or around 165 acres. This was done to help the elephants and help the local farmers protect their crops from hungry and tired elephants looking for a meal.

The following story is a positive one about the number of rhinos that have been declining more and more in recent years. However, the numbers now show that several species and subspecies of rare rhinoceros populations are rising. Their population number went from 100 to 3,700!

Eborutta, CC license

Our third story occurred on September 23, 2021. A study found that golden-mantled squirrels show four personality traits that are close to human characteristics. The traits are boldness, aggressiveness, activity level, and sociability. These squirrels are common across the western US and parts of Canada.

The next positive story is about scientists who solved a 900-year-old mystery. There are stories and logs about “guest stars.” These bright stars that were suddenly seen in the sky went dim and were never seen again. One star from 1181 has been a mystery to scientists until now. The UK, Spain, Hungary, and France collaborated together to solve this mystery.

This team of astronomers figured out that the star was a “rare, incredibly energetic supernova explosions from either massive stars or special, interacting binary systems that seed the Galaxy with heavy elements like iron and leaving behind neutron stars, pulsars, black holes, and a gaseous remnant like the Crab nebula.”

Even though life can get tough, there are always positive and interesting things that happen.

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