Why We Celebrate Homecoming Week

By: Hannah Feldman

Homecoming week is a tradition at many colleges, universities, and high schools in the United States and some other countries. It typically includes events and activities, often centered around a football game, to celebrate and welcome back alumni and current students. There are several reasons why schools host homecoming week:

  1. Alumni Engagement: Homecoming is an opportunity for graduates to return to their alma mater and reminisce on many memories formed while at school. Homecoming allows for past students to teach current students traditions or learn how the school has grown. 
  2. School Spirit: Homecoming events often promote school spirit and pride among current students, faculty, and staff. Activities such as pep rallies, parades, and decorating competitions encourage a sense of unity and enthusiasm for the institution. Throughout this week at Defiance College, activities are hosted daily that promote school spirit and student involvement. 
  3. Fundraising: Homecoming can serve as a fundraising opportunity for colleges and universities. Alumni and supporters may make donations during homecoming events, and the revenue generated from ticket sales, merchandise, and other activities can contribute to the school’s budget.
  4. Community Building: Homecoming can strengthen the sense of community on campus. It brings students, alumni, faculty, staff, and local residents together, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. On Monday of homecoming week, a 5K was held by DC Pride, a club on campus, which was open to students and the community. 
  5. Recruitment: Homecoming can also be a recruitment tool for colleges and universities. High school students and their families may attend homecoming events to understand campus life and the school’s culture.
  6. Tradition and Legacy: Many colleges and universities have a long history of homecoming celebrations, and these traditions are often passed down from one generation to the next. Homecoming allows institutions to celebrate their history and legacy.
  7. Sporting Events: Homecoming often coincides with a significant sporting event, typically a football game. The football game can draw large crowds, including alumni, students, and local community members, boosting attendance and enthusiasm for the team.
  8. Marketing and Public Relations: Homecoming events can garner media attention and positive publicity for the college or university. This can raise the institution’s profile and attract attention from prospective students, donors, and supporters.

Homecoming week serves multiple purposes: bringing the community together, engaging alumni, promoting school spirit, fundraising, and celebrating tradition. It’s a tradition that has evolved over time and become an integral part of the college experience for many institutions. During this week of Homecoming, try to attend one event on campus to make memories and participate in the tradition of Homecoming.

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