Organization In School Doesn’t Hurt

By: David Heidelburg

Hello everyone, my name is David Heidelburg. I am currently a junior at Defiance College. Have you ever struggled with organization or  wondered why your school work was all over the place? Maybe you have felt overwhelmed for some time while in school about upcoming homework, tests, assignments, etc. Well, I would suggest maybe trying to schedule your day and plan it out!

Coming out of high school I was never big on organization when it came to my school work. But when coming to college I was introduced to college life, and it was unfriendly at first. When I first graduated high school I attended Bluffton University, and I had no idea what to expect. But what I do remember was I thought that college was going to be like high school, and it wasn’t.

I remember there were many times I had classes and would never write down the assignments that I would have coming up, but since I never wrote them down, I was unaware. I remember my coaches mentioning to me how writing things down like assignments and daily tasks for the day would help. I was very hard headed at the time, but I eventually went back home after freshman year fall semester. A year and a half later I came to Defiance College starting in the year of 2021.

Beginning my freshman year I remember that I decided to and ended up doing things a lot differently here. I began writing down my assignments in a small travel size notebook. Whether it was assignments or even just writing down upcoming events I discovered it to be very helpful. For me, when it comes to writing my daily task down, it helps me come back to reality, meaning, when I actually see what I have coming up the majority of the time it is not as bad as it seems. I am currently a junior in college and I would say organization helped me out tremendously, and if it did for me, then it can for you too!

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