DC Women’s Sports Recap 10/9-10/16

By Caia Bevins

Women’s soccer played against Anderson last Wednesday. Anderson scored six times in the first half of the game, making the score 6-0 going into the second half. #99 Sarah O’Shea guarded the net for the majority of the first half before switching out with #0 Madison Hert for the rest of the first and the entirety of the second half. The Jackets recorded two shots, one made by #9 Hallie Webb early in the second half and the other made by #14 Lexi Howard toward the end of the game. Anderson was able to score two more goals before the end of the game, making the score 8-0. #14 Lexi Coward led the team with three shots, and #0 Madison Hert led with sixteen saves. The team as a whole ended with six shots and two shots on goal.

They played again on Saturday at Franklin. The Grizzlies fought hard but weren’t able to score until a little over half an hour into the game, and then scored two more goals before the second half, making the score 3-0. Going into the second half, Anderson scored three more times, putting them in a six-to-nothing lead. #13 Haley Hughes was able to record one shot on goal, but it was knocked down by Anderson. #13 Haley Hughes and #20 Olivia Rayk led the team with shots, and #99 led with saves. The team ended with two shots, one shot on goal, and fourteen saves. They played last night against Bluffton and will play again Saturday against Transylvania at 1 p.m.

Volleyball played twice this week, once against Rose-Hulman and again against Transylvania. In the Rose-Hulman game, the sets were as follows: 25-15, 25-15, and 25-12 respectively. DC ended the match with a score of 3-0, 2 blocks, 51 digs, and 2 aces. In the Transylvania game, they played three sets, with the scores being 10-25, 13-25, and 8-25. The Jackets ended with a score of 3-0, 1 block, 38 digs, and 8 aces. The volleyball team played again last night against Earlham at 7 p.m.

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