Healthy Lifestyles: Advocare 10-Day Cleanse

Have you heard about the healthy cleanse taking campus by storm? Many students and faculty around campus have began to take part in the Advocare 10 day cleanse. With that said, students have began to incorporate the Smart Center, a healthy diet, and Advocare products into their daily life. The product is said to help your body free waste and absorb nutrients. The cleanse includes a probiotic, and herbal cleanse tablet, and Advocare fiber. All of these three ingredients are said to be a key to fuel your body and is the beginning of many diets and healthy eating plans.

One student on campus recently finished the cleanse. Raychel Ramos stated that the cleanse, “helped her body get rid of all toxins.” The cleanse is directed to be taken twice a day with fiber supplements. Additionally, she said, “it made her feel better while also being more confident.” Furthermore, Raychel stated, “even though I’m not an athlete this cleanse gave me confidence to go to the gym to see better results.” In comparison,  Sydney Zeuch, a student athlete on campus talked about her Advocare experience. She has recently started the cleanse and is now on her third day. Her experience is similar to Raychel’s. Sydney stated that, “ I started the cleanse because I want to start healthy eating and I hope this cleanse will help start that process.” She also talked about other Advocare products that she enjoys using. Sydney stated, “ I mix the fiber supplement with Advocare Spark which is a healthy source of energy.” Both students recommend this product if you are wanting to change your eating habits and start a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

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