DC Women’s Volleyball: Season In-Review


The Defiance College Women’s Volleyball team has officially wrapped up the 2018-2019 season. The Yellow Jackets fell 3-2 in the opening round of the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) Tournament to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Terre Haute, IN) on November 6th, 2019.

The Yellow Jackets opened their season by playing in 3 different non-conference tournaments. First off, the team traveled to Capital University (Columbus, OH) to play in the Pam Briggs Classic. Here, the team went up against four different schools. The Yellow Jackets left this tournament with wins over Lawerence University (Appleton, WI), tournament host, Capital University, and St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY).

Following the Pam Briggs Classic, the Yellow Jackets traveled to the Penn State Behrend Tournament in Erie, Pennsylvania. The Yellow Jackets faced off against a total of four other Division III teams bringing home wins over tournament host, Penn St. Behrend (Erie, PA), Bethany College (Bethany, West Virginia), and Fredonia State University (Fredonia, NY).

Wrapping up non-conference tournament play, the Yellow Jackets traveled to Ohio Wesleyan University (Delaware, OH), where they faced off against three more Division III schools. The Yellow Jackets brought home two wins over Wilmington College (Wilmington, OH) and tournament host, Ohio Wesleyan University. Following tournament play, the Jackets battled against five other non-conference schools, picking up three more wins.

Moving into the regular season, the Yellow Jackets finished the season with an overall record of 17-12. The team finished with a conference record of 5-4, taking 5th place in the HCAC Women’s Volleyball Standings. Victories include 3-0 win over Manchester University (Manchester, IN), 3-2 win over Franklin College (Franklin, IN), 3-0 over Anderson (Anderson, IN), 3-2 win over HCAC rival, Bluffton University (Bluffton, OH), and a 3-0 win over Mount Saint Joseph University (Cincinnati, OH) on Senior Day.

Alongside taking 5th place in the HCAC Women’s Volleyball Standings, several members of the team placed in individual statistics. Sophomore Delaney Monin, finished 5th in Kills per Set averaging 3.28. Monin also finished the season with a total of 364 Kills, ranking 3rd in the conference. Junior Morgan Porter, finished 2nd in the conference with Digs per Set, averaging 6.20. Porter finished the season with 688 Digs. Brianna Wheeler and Abigail Cronin both ranked in Service Aces per Set. Wheeler took first with 0.52, and Cronin took 5th with 0.41. Wheeler also finished the season averaging 9.14 Assists per Set. Topping off individual statistics is Freshman Mackenzie Umbaugh. Umbaugh ranked first overall in the Conference in Solo Blocks.

The Yellow Jackets plan on working hard in the offseason to prepare themselves for next season, hoping to finish higher in the conference and go further in the HCAC Tournament.

Written by Hailey Krawczyk 




A Night Without a Home


On October 24th, Defiance College set up “A Night Without a Home” which had the biggest turnout to date.

“We’re appreciative of service leaders and you could tell the coaches had encouraged the athletic teams to attend,” Alesia Yakos-Brown, Associate Professor of Social Work at Defiance College, said. “This was probably the most students we’ve ever had.”

Yakos-Brown is the organizer of “A Night Without a Home”. “The main goal is to raise awareness for homelessness,” said Yakos-Brown. There were several events that were scheduled that evening, such as soup kitchen, tent city tours, opening remarks by President Richanne Mankey and Mayor Michael McCann, Q&A for formerly homeless, and trick or treat.

In a brochure provided by Yakos-Brown from PATH, Partnership Assistance to the Homeless elaborates more on what goals were. “A Night Without A Home provides an opportunity to discuss, think, and learn about homelessness through several interactive events and activities sponsored by The PATH Center of Northwestern Ohio Community.”

PATH talks about what the event did for the homeless. “Tents will be displayed on the front lawn of Defiance College’s campus to represent the homeless individuals and families who received emergency shelter services from The PATH Center.”

“You could fill five football stadiums with the homeless population of the United States.” Another fact that was provided was, “every year, 2.5 million children experience homelessness. That’s almost the entire population of Chicago.”

Written by: Seth Pearson

Fashion Through the Decades: Photos from DC Archives.

  • A Schauffler College graduate, Mrs. Antoinette Brich Regnemer, class of 1899. Possibly her Commencement photo
  • Isabel Riesau, class of 1928
  • Alec Switz, class of 1950, showing off hit natty suit, possibly for Commencement
  • Two DC students showing off the latest in DC spirit gear, in front of the new Whitney Hall, probably about 1960
  • Colby Coburn ('64?) and Jane Demuth ('65), showing early 1960's campus wear.
  • From April 1972. DC students are playing games with children in a classroom in St. John UCC. Dig the groovy striped bell-bottoms!
  • Homecoming attendant Phyllis Connor in 1982
  • Students dressed to the nines for the 1998 Spring Formal
  • Danielle Grissom's senior yearbook photo, 2001


I recently met with Barb Sedlock, Lead Librarian, and Coordinator of Metadata and Archives. She provided The Defender some neat photos of different fashions from the late 1800s to early 2000s for your viewing pleasure.  

To see more of these types of photos and other DC history-related content, head over to The Women’s Commission Gallery to look at the new exhibit called “115 Years of Service and Support – A Special Tribute to The Women’s Commission of Defiance College.” 

From October 11th till November 15th, DC students can visit The Women’s Commission Gallery to view “sampling of newspaper clippings, photographs, and documents” about the college.  

Teaming up with Barb Sedlock was Assistant Professor of Design Beverly Fanning. They combined forces to create this exhibit.  

The Gallery is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.,  and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Women’s Commission Gallery is located on the DC campus off Sessions Street. Entry through Dana Hall or the Art Gallery is recommended.  

All photos are Courtesy Defiance College Archives

Opp Shop: ‘Opp’ and Running

Project 701’s Opp Shop is back this year and is ready to help anyone that needs to rent business casual or professional clothing for career fairs and job interviews.

Run by Ryleah Amspaugh, a Service Leader and Senior Criminal Justice and Psychology Major, the Opp Shop is focused on helping people “within our own campus as well as within our (broader) Defiance community.”

In the email, she claims that the Opp Shop has “Over 600 articles of business casual/professional clothing for students and community members to rent out for free.” Later she added. “We’ve got clothes, but also belts, shoes, ties, even hangers if you need those.”

As far as turnout goes, Amspaugh said that it varied. “In my Sophomore year, we only had about seven people I was aware of, but last year we had over 35.”

According to the page on Defiance.edu, the Opp Shop is also partnered with the Office of Career Development, giving people “Additional help with their resume and practice interviews.”

Amspaugh has some plans for the future of the Opp Shop, as well. “We want to start setting up some workshops sometime soon, like showing people how to dry clean, iron clothes, or tie a tie.”

The first meeting for the Opp Shop this year was October 1st at 8 pm in Dana Hall, and Amspaugh mentions that anyone can help out and that they are viable hours for Service Leaders in need of volunteer hours.

The Opp Shop falls under the umbrella of Project 701, which is described on Defiance.edu as “an exciting, student-run, nonprofit organization that is unique to Defiance. It is an extraordinary opportunity open to all DC students to learn how to develop a service or business directly related to your area of study.” Project 701 provides a framework for a project that could benefit the community, either for the Defiance College or the Defiance community, as a greater whole.

The Opp Shop works out of the basement of Dana Hall on the Defiance College campus and operates through scheduled meetings set up by email with Amspaugh at ramspaugh002@defiance.edu

Written by: Camrin Santchi

Review: World War Joy 

What do you get when you mix three different artists and two different genres of music? The answer; The World War Joy Tour featuring Lennon Stella, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), and The Chainsmokers.

The concert was worth seeing. When the tour was first announced, there was skepticism, and an unsure sense of how combining two completely different genres of music with two different fan bases would work.

However, the energy in the arena was very present. All artists did a great job of engaging the audience, making the night one to remember.

The idea for the tour first came from The Chainsmokers, a popular-EDM (Electric Dance Music) production duo made up of members Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair first rose to fame with the release of their first hit single, “#SELFIE.”

Since the release of “#SELFIE,” the duo has collaborated with several artists on hit singles such as “Closer” featuring Halsey and “Who Do You Love?” featuring Australian pop-rock, 4-piece, 5SOS. Following their collaboration with 5SOS, the duo planned to release their newest album, World War Joy. This sparked the idea of a tour in which, 5SOS and Lennon Stella became included. 5SOS became a co-headliner. Throughout the 41-show long tour, the duo continues to translate their act from DJs to live music performances.

The show kicked off with an opening artist, Lennon Stella. Stella’s genre is also EDM meaning that her performance was similar to The Chainsmokers. A drummer and a DJ joined Stella onstage as she jumped and jogged around, trying to get the audience engaged and warmed up for the rest of the night.

Visual aids were heavily present on the screens above her set, constantly flashing and changing colors for each song. Stella performed a total of 8 songs. She opened with “Breakaway,” a song off of her second EP, and concluded with “La Di Da,” a song that has been streamed over 75 million times on Spotify.

Following Stella’s performance, 5SOS took the stage, and the audience erupted.

A visual aid of each band member’s logos appeared on the screens throughout the arena. The group opened with their very first hit single, “She Looks So Perfect.” The atmosphere was loud and crazy; the audience got into their performance.

The members of 5SOS worked the stage extremely well, considering that they play their instruments. Drummer, Ashton Irwin, created a smooth transition from “She Looks So Perfect” to “More,” a fan favorite off of their latest album, “Youngblood.” The group performed a total of 16 songs, ending their performance with “Teeth,” “Want You Back,” and “Youngblood.”

The dimming of the lights and the display of the World War Joy logo on the big screens had signified the moment the audience had been waiting for: The Chainsmokers.

Drummer, Matt McGuire, took the stage holding torches. Smoke and warm-colored lighting engulfed the scene. Each member took their spots on stage and kicked off their set with “Takeaway,” a track featuring opener, Lennon Stella.

Concluding “Takeaway,” an EDM drum performance took the stage and then transitioned into 2015 hit, “Roses.” The performance included different pyro releases, drum solos, and smooth transitions.

Halfway through the set, the duo brought back out Luke Hemmings, the lead singer from 5SOS, to perform “Who Do You Love.” This onstage collaboration brought both groups of fans together, something that usually doesn’t happen.

The set concluded with “Closer” and a final onstage bow.

Written by: Hailey Krawczyk

Winter in Ohio

Winter is coming.  

Justin Caballero, a junior marketing major, is from Tampa, Florida. “The coldest I’ve ever seen it (in Florida) is 30 degrees,” Caballero said.

“It was the hardest thing to overcome. I didn’t want to leave my room at all during the winter. I wasn’t prepared for the cold that Ohio has.” Caballero said.

There are students all around Defiance College that are new to the cold months in Ohio. Some people are from Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

Brian Robins, a freshman education major, is from Fort Worth, Texas. “Texas is hot, very hot, and dry, but it’s not very humid,” Robins said. “The lowest I’ve ever experienced in the wintertime is 20 degrees.”

In Ohio, the winters are far colder than in Texas. For example, according to accuweather.com, on January 31st, 2019, in Ohio, there was a high of two degrees and a low of -11 degree. In Fort Worth, Texas, it was a low of 38 degrees and a high of 55 degrees.

It can be challenging for people from the South to adjust to the Ohio weather, but there are some ways to make it through.

“I’m going to prepare by getting a lot of winter clothes soon and just bundling up,” Robins said.

“I called my mom and told her that I actually need a coat and boots, hoodies, and shoes are not going to cut it,” Caballero said. “She had to send me a whole care package with a coat and timberlands and long sleeves to get by.”

According to accuweather.com, the first day that we have a chance of seeing snow on November 20th. Good luck!

Written by: Seth Pearson

DC Women’s Tennis: Season Review

Defiance College Women’s Tennis team recently ended regular season play to Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) competitor, Mount St. Joe. Overall, Defiance College finished seventh in the HCAC. The Yellow Jackets finished with an overall record of 3-13 and a record of 2-6 in Conference play.  

Victories include a 6-3 performance over Lourdes University (Sylvania, OH), a 6-3 win over Manchester University (Manchester, IN), and a 9-0 win over Earlham College (Richmond, IN).  

Throughout the season, the team faced several challenges. According to Junior, AJ Brenemen, the biggest challenge of the season was “facing inexperienced” and “learning how to work with a different team dynamic,”  This season’s roster consisted of a freshman, sophomore, two juniors, and two seniors. Out of the six rostered players, only three athletes had actually played tennis before. The inexperience caused the team to turn their focus on learning how to compete within the competition in the HCAC.  

During practices, the Yellow Jackets focused on an abundance of skills. According to Freshman, Destiny Oshodin, “Practices were very fun. We worked on serving, hitting cross-court shops and down the lines, volleys, and overhead shots.” The Yellow Jackets also worked on learning how to keep the ball in play and practiced playing in doubles.  

The skills covered at practices allowed for the team to learn, grow, and implement them into gameplay. The grit and difficulty of practices and matches also led the team to learn how to face adversity. The Yellow Jackets kept on fighting through practices and matches. 

As the Fall 2019 season came to a close, the Yellow Jackets have already put a lot of thought into their goals for next season. The team is determined to bump their standings in the HCAC up to a top contender spot.  

Alongside improving their HCAC standings, the team is striving to make it to conference play. Conference play would possibly allow the team to win the conference.  

In addition to the team goals, there are also several personal player goals. These range from learning and improving upon different skills such as hitting, give their best effort towards practices and games, and winning more doubles and singles matches.  

With all of these goals, the Yellow Jackets will set themselves up for success for next season.  

Written by: Hailey Krawczyk