Thoughts on the DC Bookstore

Defiance College recently transitioned its bookstore from the traditional store setting to a completely web based experience. The store remains open in Hubbard Hall throughout the week selling some apparel, hats, and accessories. The virtual bookstore allows students to order or sell textbooks. Additionally, professors are able to upload the required textbooks prior to the start of classes, so students can prepare in advance. Each class that a student is taking will be labeled under a tab following the textbooks the teacher assigns. The online bookstore offers a variety of prices including buying and renting used or new books.

A few students on campus shared their opinions on the new system.  Senior Kelsey Parker shared that the new website is easy to navigate. Additionally, she added that, “It’s nice to have another option to compare books for the best price.” In comparison Jennifer Nashalsky stated that she only used the website to see the required textbooks for each of her classes. Tyler Davie also commented on the bookstore. He shared that he likes that the website is convenient for ordering all of his textbooks from one site and that they all are affordable for the most part. However, he claimed that he misses the wider variety of apparel the bookstore had. Tyler shared that he would like to see more of a variety of clothing options in the store. In comparison, Adam Ramirez claimed that the bookstore is, “too expensive.” Lastly, senior Jackie Hartman stated she like the clothing options the bookstore has. She commented, “I’ve bought multiple sweatshirts from the store and they all were reasonably priced.” However, Jackie added that she has not used the online bookstore as she uses other web based sites for her textbooks. 

Written by Madysyn Creighton

Into the Archives: Coach Mee

One of Defiance College’s most storied and successful coaches will be returning to DC for Homecoming on October 5-6 this year.   In his post-DC career, Mee spent 25 years with the Washington Redskins organization.

His success as a coach is reflected in his DC record in 1964-66: 18-8 in football, and 38-11 in baseball.  The 1966 football team was the only one in all of Ohio to go undefeated that year.   The 1964, 65 and 66 baseball teams all took the Mid-Ohio Conference title, and the 1966 team nearly made it to the national playoffs.

After leaving DC, he became an assistant coach at the University of Wisconsin, and left there in 1970 to be a scout for legendary coach Vince Lombardi for the Washington Redskins.  Then he spent two years as head coach of Earlham College, and rejoined the Redskins in 1972 as an assistant coach for the rest of the 70s.  In 1981 he began a long run as Director of Player Personnel, spending a total of 25 years with the team.  He is a member of the NFL Scouts and Indiana Football Halls of Fame, as well as becoming a member of DC’s Hall of Fame in 1982.

Mee will be attending several DC Homecoming events, including a reunion of his 1964-66 baseball players, as well as the football game against Franklin.

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Written by Barb Sedlock

DC Baseball Looks Forward to Starting Season

(Defiance, OH) Spring is upon us, and that means that our very own Defiance College baseball team is gearing up for another season. The Yellow Jackets are excited to start, after about a month of being kept indoors for practices.

The Jackets are looking to improve on their previous season of 14-25 last season, and 11-14 in conference. They have been preseason ranked 9th in the conference, but this does not mean much to the players. They are coming back with a veteran infield, and some young talent that is making the season look like it will be a good one.

Before looking at the team itself, there have been a few changes to the conference schedule for the HCAC. Now, our Yellow Jackets will only play conference teams twice, instead of a three game series. This allows the Jackets to have an extra nine non-conference games, which has helped improve the strength of schedule with teams like Carthage, Marian, Ohio Wesleyan, and even the University of Toledo.

The conference tournament will also now be taking 5 teams into it, giving the top seed a buy, instead of just 4 teams. This gives the Jackets hope, because they have always been in the hunt towards the end, but cannot break the top four.

The Jackets are looking forward to having some returning talent this upcoming season, including a veteran infield. This will be led by Senior Glen Collier, Junior Micheal Gilliland and Tyler Weaver, and Sophomore Tyler Weaver. The Jackets also have Alek Menyhart, Micheal Reese, Daniel Tomalak, Jon Brown, and Troy Konwinski adding depth to the infield, and competing for a starting role.

The Jackets also have Mac Edwards, EJ Kissel, and Kody Fuller returning for time behind the plate, who will be challenged by newcomer Benny Bucklew. The Jackets also have Mason Rapp, Zach Johnson, and Derek Angelone to help add depth to the roster.

The outfield will be led by Junior Tanner Stippich, who has seen plenty of action in his first two years at Defiance. Grant Vickery will also be roaming the outfield, along with newcomer Nate Kaffenbarger, and transfer Garrett Sierra. Christian Meister, Luke Thomier, Tyler Hines, and Nolan Kestner will look to challenge the other outfielders and add depth to the roster.

The pitching staff will be led by first team all HCAC Paris Creek. Following Creek, Troy Konwinski will be  a staple to the staff who was the only other player to throw above 10 innings. The Jackets will also have Cody Nelson, Parker Houk, Kody King, Jon Brown, Garret Enders, and Zac Brazen who are all returners on the bump. They will also look to their young talent to help out, Micheal Reese, Jack Powell, Daniel Tomalak, Cohen Nies, along with the two transfers Grant Curavo and Will Bohlman.

We were able to catch up with First Team HCAC member Paris Creek, who had this to say, “I’ve been in the this program for three years and each year we talk about the talent we have, but have fallen short of our goals. As a leader on this team, I believe that we have the talent and will work harder, to go far and prove a lot of people wrong”

We were also able to catch up with Senior pitcher Cody Nelson, who had this to say, “The HCAC looks strong like always, but we have a lot of young talent that they will overlook. We are led by good leadership and coaching, and we are ready for anything our schedule has to bring.”

The Jackets start off their season THIS Wednesday at Sienna Heights for the season opener, before their trip down to Ft Myers Florida for Spring Break. If you see a baseball player, wish them good luck, and as always Go Jackets!

Written by Zack Bires

CAB End-of-the-Year Celebrations

As the end-of-the-year approaches, the Campus Activities Board has begun to put together different activities to celebrate the end of the school year.

On Sunday, April 22nd, CAB would like to congratulate DC seniors on Senior Sunday! From 6-10 p.m., come join CAB and DJ Mudd for a fun night of celebrating the hard work put on by students this semester. There will be water-balloons, capture-the-flag, and volleyball tournaments and competitions that will lead to prizes for the winning students. There will also be the big inflatables that everyone loves and a campfire to keep everyone warm.

Join CAB again on Friday, April 27th from 8-10 p.m. for a hypnotist or a magician!

Can’t wait to see you all there, keep working hard and finish out the semester strong!

March Madness Sweeps the Nation

March is here and that means basketball is filling the television of viewers across America. People around the office, school, and at home have completed their brackets in hopes of choosing the correct team to win the championship. At this time of the year, many sports fans gather to watch and cheer their team onto victory. According to the Statistics Portal (n.d.) in 2016 there was 9.33 million people watching March Madness. With that in mind, it is easy to say that Netflix and Cable come secondary to basketball during this month.

Teams that have made the tournament this year that are popular on campus include Cincinnati, Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State. Junior DC student Jordyn Worley expressed her love for March Madness during an interview. She stated, “Michigan is my favorite team because they play with such team chemistry.” She also explained that outside of basketball the team is involved with the community and is always helping others. This week Michigan clinched a spot in the Final Four and Worley explained, “I get so excited at this time of year watching my favorite team play and I can’t wait to watch them win the championship.”

With March coming to a close and Final Four teams being named this week the road to the championship is slowly coming to an end. Many brackets across the world have been spoiled with multiple upsets including UNBC win over Virginia in the first round. With this in mind, will an underdog like Loyola Chicago rise to the occasion or will number one seed Villanova hold the top spot?

Written by Madysyn Creighton

Gun Control: Is it Needed?

The issues surrounding guns and the need for more rules and regulations have become a serious concern in America. The problems with guns and the horrific results that have been associated with them are at the forefront for controversial discussions. With the rising number of school shootings ending in death or injuries as a result of firearms thousands of people have joined to rally for a change.  On February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida a school shooting occurred killing seventeen students. Emma Gonzalez, Parkland shooting survivor, lead a rally for The March For Our Lives. She spoke in Washington D.C. expressing personal hardship that she experienced while also speaking on behalf of those that lost their lives. She stood on stage in silence for six minutes and twenty seconds to illustrate the time it took for some many too lose their lives. She demonstrated remarkable strength and courage to present during this march.

DC senior Sydni Smith expressed her views on the numerous school shootings that have taken place and the issues surrounding firearms. Smith stated, “I believe everyone has the right to own a gun, however I do feel there needs to be restrictions with the type of weapons someone may own.” Additionally, she argued that with the alarming amount of school shootings that have occurred this year something needs to change in regards to firearms. As shootings across the world continue to increase a need for changes within the school system is a rising concern. Similarly, some sort of change in gun regulations is needed in order to prevent this issue from ongoing occurrence.

Written by Madysyn Creighton

DC Drops Pair to St. John’s; DC Drops Final Day of Spring Break

(Fort Myers, Florida) DC continued their season with a two game match up a very notable St. John’s. St John’s started off hot in the second inning, plating 6 runs in the second inning against Will Bohlman. St. John’s stayed hot, adding 2 in the 4th and 6th, and an extra insurance run in the 5th and 7.

The Jackets did their best not to roll over, but they could only put together 4 runs of their own against good pitching, with 1 coming in the 3rd, and 3 coming in the 4th. Zac Brazen, Kody King, and Parker Houk all threw for the Jackets along with Bohlman. Troy Konwinski and Jude Neary both had multi hit games, while Nate Kaffenbarger and Daniel Tomalak both had extra base hits. Tomalak’s double was his first collegiate hit. The Jackets dropped the first game 12-4.

The second game the Jackets were able to limit St. John’s offense, but they couldn’t figure out how to put runs on the board for themselves. The Jackets got a great start from freshman Cohen Nies, who was able to throw 5 innings of 1 run baseball. Nies was followed by Grant Curavo and Cody Nelson, and finally freshman Tyler Hines. Hines was able to strike out 2.

The Jackets only had 3 hits total this game, and two being the first collegiate hit for Jon Brown and Lucas Thomier. Ben Bucklew had the other hit.

We were able to catch up with Cohen Nies, and he had this to say, “They were a good team. Both teams played well in the end they executed better then we did and we got better as a team.”

(Fort Myers, Florida) The Jackets were not able to finish there trip as they wanted with a double header against another tough opponent in Alvernia University. Paris Creek got the nod for the first game coming off of 4 days rest. Alvernia was able to jump out to a 1-0 lead, but the Jackets answered back. Alvernia’s bats stayed hot though, putting 3 on the board in the 3rd, 4 in the 5th, and 2 in the 6th. The Jackets were able to get a rally together in the 5th, scoring 4 of their own, but it was not enough, as the Jackets fell 10-5.

Paris Creek was followed by Tyler Hines, Jack Powell, Parker Houk and Kody King for the pitchers. Nate Kaffenberger, and Jude Neary both had multi hit games, with Kaffenbarger hitting a double.

The Jackets came into the second game wanting to end the trip on a high note. The second game was more of a pitchers duel. Alvernia’s hot bats were quiet until they scored 1 in the 3rd and 4th, and 2 in the 5th. The Jackets put together a 2 run inning in the 4th, but that is all they were able to do.

Jon Brown got the nod for the Jackets, and threw extremely well. He threw 4.2 innings, giving up 2 runs, but striking out 5. He was followed by Micheal Reese who threw 1.1 innings and struck out 1. Everitt Kissel was the only Jacket with multiple hits, and had one RBI.

We were able to catch up with Jude Neary after the game, and he had this to say, “Alvernia is a great team that does all the little stuff right. They’re one of the best teams we’ll play all year and I thought we played them very well. Overall the Florida trip was a great experience and we found out we have a very talented team. With that being said we still need to work on doing the basic and fundamental things extremely well to put pressure on other teams.“

Written by Zack Bires